About MIKONT LLC Company

Limited Liability Company “MIKONT” is a specialized Engineering Company founded in 2011 in Russia in order to carry out R&D and Experimental Design Work and provide Engineering Support in Serial Production, Turn-Key Project Development, Technical & Scientific Marketing and Production Engineering. The Company has headquarters in Cheboksary, whereas its detached departments are located in Saransk, Volgograd, Vladimir, Kurgan, Krasnoyarsk and Cheboksary, too. A total number of employed at the Company is 340 persons.

The above Engineering Company provides for trouble-free operation of various production enterprises of the Concern “Machinery & Industrial Group B.V.” (M&IG B.V.) Production Complex of the Concern amalgamates as many as 17 enterprises manufacturing various Agricultural Machines within a power range from 30 up to 315 H.P., a full line of Heavy-Duty Bulldozing & Pipelaying Machinery within a power range from 152 up to 590 H.P., as well as Special-Purpose Equipment for Municipal Engineering & Construction Jobs. Besides, M&IG B.V. is a big manufacturer of freight cars & components for railroad branch and a supplier of parts for automobile and bus plants in Russia. 

Новостная лента

A fundamentally new design of bogie for freight wagons

LLC "MIKONT" developed a new design trolley biaxial for freight wagons with an axle load of 25 ton. Its design has become more technological and easy, the tests showed high reliability and durability. Application of our trolley cars in innovative next-generation high-capacity will allow large cargo volumes with the same length of a reduced impact on the way.