Development activity

Development of engineering documentation for prototype, engineering support when making and testing the prototype (pilot batch) in accordance with technical assignment provided by the Customer.

Our services:

  • Designing all types of ripper-dozers, road-building, forestry, agricultural and special-purpose machinery. Development of draft designs, technical assignments, layout diagrams and outline drawings.
  • Designing mechanical, hydrostatic, hydraulic-controlled, electrohydraulic-controlled, electric transmissions for track and wheeled machinery.
  • Designing undercarriage for track, wheeled and combined-type movers.
  • Designing engine functional systems such as cooling, fuel supply, air delivery and air cleaning, heating systems.
  • Designing hydraulic systems for working equipment and its controls.
  • Designing working equipment for industrial tractors, loaders, agricultural tractors, excavators, municipal-purpose and special-purpose machinery.
  • Designing electric and electronic systems for engine control and other functions in machinery.
  • Designing test benches and other testing equipment for units and equipment being developed and those of the Customer.
  • 3D modeling, preparation of preproject offers including development of draft designs.
  • Development of specifications and operating documents (operation manuals, catalogues, technical certificates, etc.) for any type of products.
  • Performing General Designer functions.
  • Supervision.
  • Project documentation approval.

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